Murmansk Region and Nornickel sign 10 billion ruble social spending agreement
© RIA Novosti. Sergey Eshenko

Murmansk Region and Nornickel sign 10 billion ruble social spending agreement

The cooperation agreement for 2023–2025 was signed in Moscow by Governor of the Murmansk Region Andrei Chibis and President of Nornickel Vladimir Potanin.

“This socioeconomic agreement is the largest in the history of the Murmansk Region in terms of attracting private investment. Together with Norilsk Nickel, we will allocate more than 10 billion rubles for the implementation of more than 50 measures in Monchegorsk and the Pechenga District. At the same time, the Murmansk Region has significantly increased its share in funding: up to 3.78 billion rubles, or 40 percent of the total amount come from the consolidated budget of the region," Governor Andrei Chibis emphasized.

“For Norilsk Nickel, the Murmansk Region is one of the most important regions. We are not only continuing our cooperation, we are taking it to an entirely new level. The implementation of our investment program, as well as the launch of new projects, will undeniably result in the emergence of new social programs. They are aimed at improving the comfort of people, attracting young professionals to the region, and developing Arctic tourism. Active cooperation between big businesses and the regional government in these important spheres results in maximum efficiency, which means the best result for the people living in the region and our employees,” Vladimir Potanin commented.

The bulk of these funds is to be invested in health care (23 percent), followed by education (19 percent), culture and social programs (17 percent), construction, outdoor improvements, housing and utility services and road repair (13 percent).

Among other things, funding is planned for the construction of a new building for three departments at the Monchegorsk central district hospital, a new building for the infectious diseases department, and a clinic for the Nornickel Corporate Health Center.