Russian Defense Ministry holds Northern Sea Route security exercise
© RIA Novosti. Aleksey Nikolskyi

Russian Defense Ministry holds Northern Sea Route security exercise

The Russian Pacific Fleet conducted the Finval-2023 exercise which was focused on security of the Northern Sea Route. The drills took place in the Chukchi Sea and the Bering Sea under the supervision of Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov.

Around 10,000 military personnel and over 50 units of military equipment were involved in the exercise, according to the Defense Ministry. The exercise included missile and artillery launches; anti-aircraft, anti-vessel and anti-airborne troop defense, and a foot-mission across roadless terrain in the Arctic.

“During the first stage of the drills, our personnel performed a mock strike targeting a group of vessels in the northeastern part of the Bering Sea,” the Defense Ministry’s press release states.

The crews of the guards missile cruiser Varyag, the nuclear submarine Tomsk and the Bastion coastal defense missile system practiced a missile strike, successfully hitting their targets, according to the ministry.

The Defense Ministry stressed that the purpose of the exercise was to strengthen defense and improve the skills of the troops and forces operating on the northeastern borders of Russia.”