Supplying gas to Krasnoyarsk Territory soon to begin in polar territories
© RIA Novosti. Mikhail Fomichev

Supplying gas to Krasnoyarsk Territory soon to begin in polar territories

Gas supply for the Krasnoyarsk Territory will expand to the polar territories of the region, such as Dudinka and Norilsk, as main gas pipelines are launched.

This was announced after a working meeting between the region’s governor Mikhail Kotkov and Minister of Energy Nikolai Shulginov at which plans for supplying gas to the region were discussed.

The minister noted that the potential for supplying gas to the region will increase with the ongoing construction of the Power of Siberia 2 export gas pipeline and its connection with the Unified Gas Supply System (UGSS).

According to Shulginov, the growth in natural gas consumption is an indicator of the region’s economic development. Today consumers in the central and southern regions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory receive gas through autonomous schemes using liquefied hydrocarbon gases, but “as Power of Siberia-2 is built and connected to the UGSS, the prospects for gasification of the region will expand.”

“The regional gas supply program in the Krasnoyarsk Territory for 2022–2031 also provides for the construction of an inter-field gas pipeline, four gas distribution stations to prepare gas for CHPP-1, CHPP-2, CHPP-3, boiler houses in Dudinka, and three automobile gas filling compressor stations (CNG filling stations) in Norilsk industrial area,” the report says.

According to the instructions issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin, measures to ensure gas supply in Krasnoyarsk must be completed before 2028.