Three airports to open in Yakutia by late 2023
© RIA Novosti. Sergey Eschenko

Three airports to open in Yakutia by late 2023

Three airports, due to open in the towns of Chersky, Ust-Nera and Neryungri in Yakutia before the year is out, are currently nearing completion under the Transport Infrastructure Modernization national project. 

A new runway is to start receiving aircraft in Chersky this coming November. This construction project began in November 2021, with a Mil Mi-8 helicopter carrying passengers to Chersky via the Srednekolymsk airport.

The Neryungri airport is to receive a new terminal by the end of 2023. It will handle 300 passengers per hour. A local runway was reconstructed ahead of schedule in November 2021.

There are plans to reconstruct a runway, a passenger terminal and a taxiway in Ust-Nera airport that did not receive any aircraft for over two months. It resumed operations on October 17.

Runways at the Olyokminsk and Polyarny airports are to be reconstructed throughout 2024, and a new airport facility will be completed in Mirny.

Earlier, Head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolayev noted that there were plans to reconstruct the international terminal at the Yakutsk airport. Its top managers are currently finalizing a cost estimate and the project’s forms and records.