Russian Arctic to get global research and technological center
© RIA Novosti. Vitaly Ankov

Russian Arctic to get global research and technological center

A global research, educational and technological center will be established in the Russian Arctic under a government-approved program for developing the Northern (Arctic) Federal University up to 2035, according to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.

“The new development prospects of the University, located where the great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov was born, is linked with a project to do with setting up a world-class intellectual center. It will be responsible for training new specialists, analyze development options of the Arctic territories, conduct research projects and introduce their results,” Chernyshenko said.

He also noted that the center would also actively implement international cooperation projects.

“This concerns the training foreign students and active cooperation with scientists from various countries who will strive to come to Russia for implementing ambitious Arctic research projects,” Chernyshenko explained.

Following the University’s development program, the Arctic zone will be integrated into the country’s hi-tech economic segments. The overall socio-economic and innovative development of the Arctic territories is also expected to accelerate.

“Certainly, our main goal is to ensure the Arctic population’s high quality of life, to preserve the habitat of small indigenous ethnic groups and to protect the environment,” Chernyshenko concluded.