Korchunov: Preserving the Arctic as a zone of peace is needed for the Russian economy
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Korchunov: Preserving the Arctic as a zone of peace is needed for the Russian economy

Preserving the Arctic as a zone of peace, stability and cooperation is an objective need of the Russian economy, said Nikolay Korchunov, Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry and Chair of the of Senior Arctic Officials at the Arctic Council.

He added that the Russian Arctic accounts for more than 20 percent of Russia’s exports and 11 percent of the country’s GDP.

“We can see the creation of scientific and educational centers, the North Pole self-propelled platform and monitoring networks, which are, in fact, breakthroughs that secure Russia’s leadership and operational initiative in high latitudes. The key to an effective policy in the Arctic lies, above all, in cooperation and interaction, not confrontation. I would like this time to come as soon as possible,” Nikolay Korchunov emphasized during the plenary session of the Arctic and Antarctic Days in Moscow International Forum, which took place on November 10–11.

In addition to this, the event participants discussed international cooperation on the Extreme North climate agenda, the consolidation of the scientific community within research programs and the Arctic transportation infrastructure.

“Russia invariably devotes priority attention to the coordinated and comprehensive development of Arctic territories and to expanding the presence of Russian science in Antarctica. Our goal is to strengthen international cooperation in these regions of the planet and to implement joint programs in the most diverse spheres. I am satisfied to note that a new and outstanding page in the history of developing the Arctic opened this year. In September, members of the North Pole-41 scientific expedition started working aboard a self-propelled ice-resistant platform. This high-tech project is focused on monitoring the region’s environment all year round, creating the necessary conditions for the demanding and heroic work of polar explorers. Much remains to be done for creating a state permafrost monitoring system. This is extremely important for reducing climate and environmental risks, facilitating the sustainable development of our northern cities and towns and successfully implementing major industrial and infrastructure projects,” President of Russia Vladimir Putin said in his address to the forum participants.

In 2021-2023, Russia chairs the Arctic Council. A cross-cutting priority of the Russian chairmanship is to ensure responsible governance in the interests of the sustainable development of the Arctic. In addition, one of Russia’s goals for this period is to improve the efficiency of scientific activities and the practical applicability of their results in the Arctic.