St. Petersburg hosts Russian-Chinese meeting on Arctic issues
© RIA Novosti. Sergey Guneev

St. Petersburg hosts Russian-Chinese meeting on Arctic issues

St. Petersburg was the venue for a Russian-Chinese meeting called Arctic Cooperation in New Conditions, organized by St. Petersburg University.  Representatives of the City Committee on Arctic Affairs took part in the event, part of the regional aspect of the national project Science and Universities.

The meeting involved representatives of Ocean University of China in Qingdao and the Shanghai Institute of International Relations. Members of both countries’ academic communities discussed research and international collaboration on Arctic issues. The event participants reviewed prospects for Russian-Chinese transport and logistics cooperation in the Arctic and raised issues of expanding relations within Arctic Council activities in new conditions.

“The Arctic can become another factor in strengthening cooperation, including science and education cooperation, between our states. In this respect, St. Petersburg serves as a key scientific center and the main international communication platform on Arctic issues in Russia. The Arctic agenda can provide an additional impetus to expanding bilateral relations,” said Sergei Nikolayev, Head of the Department for Cooperation with the Arctic Region. 

According to the objectives of the national project Science and Universities, Russia should become one of the top-five leading countries implementing high-priority research and development projects.