Study northern indigenous peoples’ languages on YouTube
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Study northern indigenous peoples’ languages on YouTube

On February 21, the Evens Union YouTube channel will launch a cycle of educational video lessons teaching the Even, Evenki, Yukaghir, Chukchi and Dolgan languages, according to the official website of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The Yongchedie project (which means ‘bellflower' in Yukaghir) includes 200 video lessons in several languages, each 40-45 minutes long. The project is designed for beginners or those with no prior knowledge of the language.

"We have managed to preserve our dialects thanks to native speakers, social activists and people who care. Lessons are held at local schools and kindergartens, but many speakers live far apart and there is very little communication between them. Now we can communicate via the internet, thanks to rapidly developing social networks. The Yongchedie lessons provide everyone with the opportunity to learn or remember their languages," said the project's creator Natalya Smetanina, editor of the Gevan creative studio of the Sakha National Broadcasting Company.

Teachers and native speakers who know the nuances of the languages and have teaching experience are running the project.