The airship of German engineer, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, above Dickson
© Press service of the Krasnoyarsk Museum of Local History / Nikolai Ostroumov

Archive photo of German airship above Dickson found in Krasnoyarsk museum

The Krasnoyarsk Museum of Local History has found a previously unknown photo in its collection, showing the German airship Graf Zeppelin that made a flight over the Soviet Arctic in 1931.

“We have found a previously unknown photo of the Graf Zeppelin flying over Dickson Island (Krasnoyarsk Territory). The photo was taken by Nikolai Ostroumov; he took part in several expeditions, including the one in 1931. In 1933, he sold a series of negatives of his various expeditions to the North, including this photo,” said Ilya Kuklinsky, deputy director of the museum.

The photo features the airship flying over the famous 107-meter radio mast in the Arctic village on Dickson Island.

In 1931, an international research expedition ventured to the Arctic aboard Graf Zeppelin. The airship’s route included Arkhangelsk–Franz Josef Land–Severnaya Zemlya–Cape Chelyuskin–Dickson–Novaya Zemlya–Arkhangelsk. On the way, expedition members took detailed aerial photos.