Mathematicians and Arctic explorers unite to study the ocean
© RIA Novosti. Pavel Lvov

Mathematicians and Arctic explorers unite to study the ocean

Specialists studying the Arctic and Antarctic will start working together with experts in computational mathematics. The parties made an agreement at a seminar on modern methods and technologies for numerical modeling of oceanic processes.

According to its participants, Russian science has reached an entirely new level. It is necessary to develop existing technologies and introduce new ones, among other things, in order to solve the tasks at hand.

“Numerical modeling is an effective tool for predicting climate change. It highlights the fact that only close cooperation between institutes with unique knowledge and experience will make it possible to achieve high results in this area,” the press service of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute said in a statement.

Researchers noted that high-quality modern forecasts must be based on huge data sets, the analysis of which requires powerful computers. This means that it is necessary to update the whole computer infrastructure and create supercomputing power capable of carrying out the necessary calculations quickly and properly in order to develop numerical simulations.


“Following the seminar, we have decided to establish a working group to develop cooperation between the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute and the RAS Institute of Computational Mathematics,” the statement reads.


The Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute’s press service adds that the scientists are planning to work together in order to create an effective system for the comprehensive study of the Arctic Ocean and the preparation of prompt, integrated forecasts.