Reindeer breeding database to go online
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Reindeer breeding database to go online

An integrated reindeer breeding database will go online in Russia, the Agriculture Ministry said on its website. The database will make it possible to update and retrieve up-to-date information on the status of the country's reindeer breeding.

"It's a map of the Arctic region showing all reindeer breeding farms, reindeer herding routes and population counts," Timur Akchurin, the system's owner and managing director of the Union of Russian Reindeer Breeders, said.

The database will help better regulate relations between Russian commercial companies and reindeer breeders and preserve the traditions as part of the world's cultural heritage. In addition, the system will make it possible to take into account the interests of nomadic people in implementing infrastructure projects.

The database will enable the authorities to better assess the situation in reindeer breeding and follow a rational policy in this sphere.