Nenets Autonomous Area to auction off four fishing sectors
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Nenets Autonomous Area to auction off four fishing sectors

The Nenets Autonomous Area's Department of Natural Resources, Environment and Agro-Industrial Sector is holding the third tender to auction off four fishing sectors near the villages of Varandei and Ust-Kara, the Area's government agencies website reported. These sectors will be allotted to small indigenous ethnic groups or members of their communities with a traditional lifestyle and engaging in traditional economic activity.

The following four fishing sectors to be auctioned off are the Peschanka River and Roman-Yakha near Varandei, Yareiyu and Sibirchata-Yakha near Ust-Kara. Their total river-bed length is 92.8 kilometers.

Members of small ethnic groups will be able to fish there for ten years in accordance with the Area's quotas. The permit does not cover anadromous, catadromous and trans-border fish species.

When the first tender was held in early fall, the Nekutsya clan of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North, which conducts economic activity near the village of Varandei, submitted a bid for the right to fish in the Peschanka River sector. But its bid did not meet the requirements of the tender's documents.

The notice on holding the tender is posted on the website www.torgi.gov.ru.