Ural Automotive Plant unveils new Arctic bus

The Ural-427701-75 Arctic bus was unveiled in Chelyabinsk at a national forum called From Import Substitution to Technological Sovereignty.

“We manufacture virtually everything, from nuts to rockets. South Ural technology operates all over the world, including African deserts and the snow-covered Arctic,” Chelyabinsk Region Governor Alexei Teksler noted.

The new bus features a one-box design and metal-frame body with vibration dampers mounted on a chassis. It can accommodate 22 passengers in a comfortable setting.

An improved heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system ensures optimal temperatures inside the compartment. The body has small glued windows and thicker insulation panels. The air conditioner distributes airflow along rows of seats. Every passenger seat has a USB port, and swing-open tables have built-in wireless chargers.

The vehicle is designed to carry passengers along rutty roads and winter roads, and can operate at minus 50 degrees Celsius. The Arctic bus’s wide and low-pressure tires reduce specific pressure on the surface, down to 0.45 kgf/cm. 

The Arctic bus project was launched in March 2021. In an effort to achieve the goals of the state program for the socioeconomic development of the Russian Arctic, the Ural Automotive Plant, South Ural State University and Bauman Moscow State Technical University drafted proposals for developing a family of hi-tech commercial vehicles that would safely carry passengers and mobile social facilities in the Extreme North. The Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education supported the proposals that formed the mainstay of the comprehensive project.