First cargo delivery by drone to a settlement in Nenets Autonomous Area
© RIA Novosti. Alexey Kudenko

First cargo delivery by drone to a settlement in Nenets Autonomous Area

Test drone launches for cargo delivery have started in the Nenets Autonomous Area. The first flight took place on the Naryan-Mar to Andeg to Naryan-Mar route, where the UAV delivered medicines for the local medical and obstetric centre. The event was attended by area Governor Yuri Bezdudny.

A special site was equipped for the test flights near the oil depot in the settlement of Iskateley. Before the take-off, the Director of the Center of Competences for Aerospace Technologies T1, Konstantin Shadrin, told the head of the region about the test drone prototype. The maximum lifting weight of the device is five kilograms, but, according to Konstantin Shadrin, more powerful UAVs will be sent to the area in the near future.

"At the next stage, the aircraft will have a capacity of 25 kg, and we will perform  much more  different kinds of tasks. Moreover, on your instructions, we are now working on a model with a payload capacity of 150-200 kg. I think we will be able to report to you by the end of the year on delivery dates for such a drone. In general, it is great that a month after we signed the agreement, we began flight operations," Konstantin Shadrin reported to the Governor.

After receiving permission from the head of the region for the flight, the drone with the cargo for Andega took off into the sky and headed in the direction of the village. Its flight was monitored by laptop from the command post. The drone flew at a speed of 110 kilometers per hour. The flight time to Andega was 15 minutes. The entire test flight to and from the village, including landing to deliver the medical supplies, took 40 minutes.

The drone also flew back with cargo. Valentina Abakumova, head of the Andega Village Council, sent candies for children and a letter of gratitude.

"The parcel was received intact. Thank you very much! We hope that in the future parcels to Andega will be mainly delivered  this way," Valentina Abakumova wrote in her letter.