President of Russia signs law on nomadic education institutions
© RIA Novosti. Aleksej Majshev

President of Russia signs law on nomadic education institutions

President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a law on nomadic education institutions. The document allows state agencies to create favorable opportunities for small indigenous ethnic groups, so that their members can study at preschool and primary education institutions.

For this purpose, the concerned authorities will establish nomadic institutions in areas where these small indigenous ethnic groups live and where they conduct economic activities. More lenient license requirements will apply to such education institutions. Their managers will no longer have to submit documents certifying that the relevant buildings, structures, premises, equipment and other properties for teaching children under education curricula, listed in licenses, comply with sanitary regulations.

From March 1, 2024, the Russian Ministry of Education will determine the specifics of establishing such institutions.

Senators Lilia Gumerova, Rimma Galushina and Grigory Ledkov drafted the bill. Previously, regional authorities alone regulated the issue of teaching nomadic children.