New Eskimo language textbooks to appear in Chukotka
© RIA Novosti. Evgeniy Epanchintsev

New Eskimo language textbooks to appear in Chukotka

Schools in the villages of Novoye Chaplino and Sireniki in Chukotka will receive new Eskimo language textbooks: a total of 50 textbooks for the 4th grade.

The unique textbooks will help preserve the culture of the indigenous peoples and pass it on to the next generations. It should be noted that in previous years Chukotka updated textbooks on the Chukchi and Even languages.

"Our immediate plans are to form author teams in the region and compile programs for three languages: Chukchi, Even and Eskimo. These programs will be used to write and publish new textbooks for all students – from preschoolers to university students. This is a federal-level program, and Chukotka will participate in it because we have a pool of unique specialists," reported the local department of education and science.

All systematic and scheduled work on updating educational and methodological materials is carried out by the department of education and science with support from the local government. This year alone, 16.5 million rubles were allocated for these purposes. This fully covers the needs of municipalities for new textbooks.