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Dmitry Rogozin: World Ocean federal targeted programme pushed back one year

The development and implementation of the Federal Targeted Programme "World Ocean", originally planned for 2015-2030, has been postponed for a year, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced, RIA Novosti reports.

Rogozin noted that in the past five years, the World Ocean programme for 2015-2030 has been discussed six times. A draft resolution was submitted to the government in early June 2014 and again, with corrections, in November.

"Due to the Finance Ministry's negative stance regarding the programme's funding, it was proposed that practical issues of the programme's implementation be refined. A whole year and the beginning of 2015 were lost to correspondence. Neither party changed their view. So, the timeframe for this federal targeted programme moved to 2016-2031," Rogozin said at a meeting of the Marine Board.

The Federal Targeted Programme "World Ocean" was approved by an executive order of President Boris Yeltsin in January 1997. The programme's main goal is to improve the exploration, research and efficient use of the oceans' resources and expanses in the interests of economic development and national security.

The federal targeted programme includes the subprogrammes, "World Ocean nature research," "Russia's military and strategic interests in the World Ocean," "Exploration and exploitation of the Arctic," "Arctic study and research," and "The creation of a unified information system about the World Ocean."