Vladimir Putin congratulates Gazprom on its 25th anniversary
© RIA Novosti. Alexei Druzhinin

Vladimir Putin congratulates Gazprom on its 25th anniversary

On February 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a meeting with Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller. He congratulated the entire Gazprom team on their 25th anniversary and expressed hope that the company would continue to perform effectively.

"I want to note that over these 25 years, giant strides have been made to consolidate, maintain and advance the industry," President Putin said. "Gazprom is currently operating 151 gas fields. Gazprom has a presence in 34 countries, where it is very active on the market and cooperates with many partners and friends," he added. "I doubt that any other company in the world has cast out so many lines, in a positive sense. Congratulations to you and all Gazprom employees on occasion of the company's anniversary and its achievements." he noted.

In turn, Mr. Miller said Gazprom currently ranked first among the 250 leading global oil, gas and power-generating companies and boasted the largest gas reserves (17 percent of total gas resources worldwide), and that the company continued to consistently expand its resource potential. Today, Gazprom can annually produce over 550 billion cubic meters of gas, with 2017 output totaling 471 billion cubic meters. The company also consistently expands its pipeline network. Corporate gas trunklines are now over 170,000 kilometers long, making them the largest pipeline network worldwide. According to Miller, Gazprom also has the largest number of gas reservoirs. The company stockpiled 72.2 billion cubic meters of gas, an all-time high, for the 2017-2018 heating season, or 100 percent more than back in 1993.

New gas production centers have been established in the Russian Far East, Eastern Siberia and the Arctic, including the Yamal gas production center. "Most importantly, the new Yamal gas production center is about to become the key production center within Gazprom providing a significant increase in Gazprom's gas reserves. Gas reserves of the Tambeyskaya group of deposits amount to 7.7 trillion cubic meters," Miller noted.

Gazprom was able to quickly commission enlarged reserves of the Tambeyskaya group of deposits on the Yamal Peninsula. In 2017, total recalculated hydrocarbon reserves of the Tambeyskaya group of deposits reached 7.7 trillion cubic meters of gas and 590 million metric tons of gas condensate in the C1+C2 categories.

The Tambeyskaya group of deposits includes the North Tambeysky, West Tambeysky, Tasiisky and Malyginsky sectors. In 2017, Gazprom reported that these sectors featuring Jurassic horizons were recognised as an integral deposit after the drilling of exploratory wells since 2008. Therefore the total reserves of four sectors almost tripled in 2016 when they contained an estimated 2.6 trillion cubic meters of gas.

Since 2008, the new gigantic Tambeyskoye deposit has become the largest in the world, the second-largest in Russia after the Urengoyskoye deposit, and ranks among the five largest deposits globally. Huge gas condensate reserves also make it the largest national liquid hydrocarbons deposit to be discovered in the past few years. In addition to this, the Tambeyskoye deposit even surpasses the Bovanenkovskaya group of deposits (Bovanenkovo, Kruzenshternskoye and Kharasaveyskoye deposits containing 7.5 trillion cubic meters of gas and 149 million metric tons of gas condensate).