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Yakutia’s Sinyaya Pillars recognized by UNESCO
© RIA Novosti. Anton Denisov

Yakutia’s Sinyaya Pillars recognized by UNESCO

The Sinyaya Pillars on the Sinyaya River in Yakutia have been recognized as part of the Lena Pillars Nature Park world heritage site. The decision was made during the 39th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, Arctic-Info reports.

"Recognizing the Sinyaya River area as a world heritage site is the right and extremely important decision. Nature in the Republic of Sakha is unique, but very fragile and thus requires special attention. We are sure that your decision will meet the expectations of many people and will increase the preservation efforts of these landmark formations for future generations," the Minister for the Nature Protection of Yakutia, Sakhamina Afanasyeva, noted.

The Sinyaya Pillars are 200 km from Yakutsk. The pillars are made up by two rows of vertical rock cliffs of various shapes, including stone arches, spires and turrets.