Вице-премьер России Дмитрий Рогозин
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Rogozin: It is necessary to strengthen information support of Russian interests in the Arctic

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that a solution is needed to the problem of information support for Russia's interests in the Arctic, given the current geopolitical situation, TASS reports.

"It is necessary to develop initiatives to improve information activities in the Arctic for the integrated promotion and protection of Russian interests in the media space," he said at an offsite meeting of the State Commission for Arctic Development.

Rogozin also stressed the need to create at the international level an image of safe and attractive tourism in Russia's Arctic zone. "Recently, we've seen an increase of negative information in this field. We should move from a situational response to emerging threats to the strategic planning and implementation of Russia's information policy in the Arctic," he said.