Russian Geographical Society to hold festival in Moscow

Russian Geographical Society to hold festival in Moscow

The Russian Geographical Society will hold its second festival at the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val in Moscow from October 30 to November 8. This year, the exposition will be divided into natural zones, such as the Arctic and tundra, steppes and subtropics, mountains, forests, oceans, seas and rivers.

Organizers plan to set up White's 13-meter rescue whale-boat, a 19th century model, in front of the Central House of Artists. This unique boat was built by schoolchildren from the Onega area shipbuilders club.

Yemelya, the legendary Russian amphibious car, will be parked next to the boat. In 2009, Yemelya helped the Marine Live-Ice Automobile Expedition to set a world record. The expedition drove Yemelya-1 and Yemelya-2 on floating ice in the Arctic Ocean and reached the North Pole by car for the first time in history.

Siberian huskies will greet people at the entrance to the festival.

The Arctic zone will display equipment used in expeditions. Guests will also see the North Pole-2015 drifting polar research station, which will include a hydrometeorological tent and a chemistry lab where experts will talk about how ice, water and atmosphere samples are tested.

Each day of the festival will highlight a separate subject: ethnography, tourism, expeditions, history, cartoons and animal protection.

Festival-goers will also be able to see the best documentaries of the Russian Geographical Society and attend master classes, lectures, competitions and games.

The festival's program also includes an awards ceremony for the Society's first nationwide photo competition.