Nenets Area mobile tourist guide goes online
© RIA Novosti. Grigoriy Sysoev

Nenets Area mobile tourist guide goes online

A guide to the Nenets Autonomous Area, a free mobile application being offered as part of the TopTripTip — Travel across Russia federal project, has gone online, Arctic-Info news agency reported. The app is available in Russian and English.

The tourist guide provides information on the area's 36 most popular sites, including the Pustozyorsk museum/nature reserve, the Vaigach wildlife sanctuary, the Nenets nature reserve, the Bolshiye Vorota [Big Gate] Canyon and Pym-Va-Shor nature landmarks, as well as  such interesting events as Syamyankhat mereta, a reindeer herders contest, Reindeer Day and a national snowmobile competition.

"Amid the growing interest in independent tourism, the Nenets Autonomous Area has a lot of competitive advantages. Being only a two-hour flight from both capitals, it boasts a unique culture, a wonderful natural environment, infrastructure and now would-be travelers are offered the opportunity to plan their itinerary with  personal gadgets," Area Governor Igor Koshin said. The guide will be expanded with information on other sites, a calendar of events and itineraries.

The travel guide has been developed with the participation of the area administration and with information support from the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Federal Tourism Agency.

TopTripTip — Travel across Russia features over 6,500 tourist sites, itineraries and services, as well as a calendar of events. As of now, the guide has been downloaded by approximately 200,000 users.