Interactive map of the Kola North created in the Murmansk Region
© RIA Novosti. Igor Podgorny

Interactive map of the Kola North created in the Murmansk Region

The Murmansk Region Universal Scientific Library has created an online information resource, a map titled 69 Miracles and Sights in the Kola North, reads a statement on the website of the Year of the Environment in Russia. The 3D map of the Kola Peninsula includes historical and cultural reference notes about local attractions, holy places, natural phenomena and important events.

"By using this interactive map for travels in the Year of the Environment in Russia, you will learn unusual facts about nature in the polar regions of the Kola Peninsula and see wonderful natural sites, such as deep green Amazonite stones from Parusnaya Mountain, the amethyst crystals growing on the rock of Cape Korabl, and the Chapoma River waterfall. You can also visit the Kandalaksha, Pasvik and Lapland nature reserves, as well as the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute," the statement says.

The resource includes text, photo, audio and video materials and offers 3D trips and links to the online resources of the Murmansk Region Universal Scientific Library.

The interactive map is available to all internet users at the Kola North electronic library.