Krasnoyarsk Territory to serve as a gateway to the North Pole starting in 2024
© AARI, Andrei Paramzin

Krasnoyarsk Territory to serve as a gateway to the North Pole starting in 2024

There are plans to launch a project to organize regular high-latitude expeditions via the town of Khatanga in 2024 with support from the Russian Geographical Society and the Krasnoyarsk Territory Government, according to the news posted on the website of the Russian Geographical Society’s Krasnoyarsk division.

According to the report, the region “plans to start organizing regular research and tourist high-latitudes expeditions” beginning next year. “To facilitate this project the Khatanga airport infrastructure has been renovated, and the local hotel has been given a facelift. The Krasnoyarsk Territory will serve as a gateway to the Arctic for tourists from various parts of the world.” 

In April 2023, a research and tourist ice camp was set up for reconnaissance purposes. Now the route runs across the territory of Russia only: Krasnoyarsk – Khatanga – Cape Baranov (Bolshevik Island) – the Barneo Ice Camp – the North Pole and back. 

Also, this was the first time that researchers from the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute and the necessary cargoes have been brought to the floating North Pole ice platform via Khatanga, Cape Baranov and the Barneo Ice Camp, including for rotation purposes, as some workers were sent back to Krasnoyarsk along the same route.

An aircraft has landed on Cape Baranov for the first time since the 1980s. This is important for organizing large-scale research and rotating researchers that work at the polar station. Helicopters, which were used earlier, made trips longer and the transportation of people and cargoes tricky.