Alexander Tsybulsky: Cultural heritage sites to be restored on Mudyug Island
© RIA Novosti. Il'ya Timin

Alexander Tsybulsky: Cultural heritage sites to be restored on Mudyug Island

A memorial complex will be restored on Mudyug Island, located in Dvinskaya  Bay of the White Sea, Arkhangelsk Region Governor Alexander Tsybulsky said at a roundtable discussion organized by the Russian Historical Society dedicated to the history of Russian achievements in the Arctic.

“Today, there are several buildings that have survived on Mudyug: a camp barracks, the mass graves of the victims of executions, and a monument to the memory of victims of the intervention during the Civil War of 1918-1920, all of which is part of the cultural heritage site,” Governor Tsybulsky said.

According to Governor Tsybulsky, in a situation where Russia must once again defend its sovereignty, the importance of the Arctic in terms of security, economic development, and people’s everyday life  is growing significantly.

“At the same time, it is extremely important to know and remember that Russia, the Russian North, has always been of interest to the West, both today and a century ago,” he added.

“In the period of foreign intervention, the goals were, like today, predatory. The interventionists planned to advance through the north of Russia into its heartland, divide this country into several states, establish a protectorate over them, and make it impossible for Russia to exist as a single sovereign territory,” he noted.

Alexander Tsybulsky said in conclusion that currently the West was trying to erase the period of intervention from history, including the history of the concentration camp on the island of Mudyug.

It will be recalled that in February 2023, during a meeting with President Putin, Governor Tsybulsky reported on plans to restore the memorial complex on Mudyug Island, which, along with the Yuryevsky  defensive line, where the advance of foreign interventionists in the Russian North was stopped, should become a center for historical and patriotic tourism.