Carving petroglyphs on the sidewalk edging
© Sergei Gapanovich

Carving reindeer petroglyphs on a sidewalk edging in central Petrozavodsk

Sculptor Sergei Gapanovich has carved petroglyphs on a sidewalk edging in Petrozavodsk. The first “rock painting” appeared on Lenin Prospekt, near the main building of Petrozavodsk State University.

“The reindeer petroglyphs that I have just carved closely resemble the White Sea coast petroglyphs but are not an exact replica of them. I changed their layout a bit,” Gapanovich told an correspondent.

He noted that he now wanted to carve drawings in five other locations along Lenin Prospekt, and that the municipal administration had approved all of them.

“Bad local weather remains the only problem. I will be able to resume work as soon as the sun shows up,” the sculptor added.

Gapanovich is now planning to visit Ufa and carve similar drawings there, after local authorities approve his plans.

“Petroglyphs are interesting because they are unobtrusive in the city, they do not distract people, nor do they create any noise. At the same time, visitors will be able to find them quickly. Then later, they will want to go to see the real [Karelian] petroglyphs,” the sculptor explained.