Кирилов Александр Георгиевич, исполняющий обязанности директора ФГБУ «Национальный парк «Русская Арктика»

Alexander Kirilov

Director of Russian Arctic National Park

Born on June 12, 1982 in Arkhangelsk

1999-2004: Studied geography and biology at the Natural Sciences/Geography Department of Lomonosov Pomor State University.

2005-2007: Worked as second administrator at a regional office of TACIS (Technical Assistance for the Commonwealth of Independent States) project to improve the quality of drinking water in northwestern Russia.

2008: Hired as leading expert at the environmental monitoring department of the State Environmental Inspection for the Arkhangelsk Region, later reorganized as the Nature Management and Environmental Protection Center.

2009: Appointed chief of the monitoring department and chief of the chemical/analytical laboratory. His main activities included assistance for environmental monitoring projects in the Arkhangelsk Region, recording instrument readings and updates on atmospheric pollution levels in Arkhangelsk and Koryazhma, maintaining environmental monitoring databases, establishing and updating modern geo-information systems.

2009: The creators of a laboratory invention, an online environmental certificate for the Arkhangelsk Region, received an award for the best IT engineering solution in the area of Russian environmental protection.

2010: Appointed Acting Director of the Directorate for Specially Protected Nature Areas. He mostly aimed to reorganize the Directorate, to compile a sample survey on the Arkhangelsk Region’s specially protected nature territories and to establish a modern geo-information system.

2011: Appointed Deputy Chief for Specially Protected Nature Areas after the Directorate merged with the Arkhangelsk Region’s Nature Management and Environmental Protection Center.

May 2011-April 2016: Worked as Deputy Director for Nature Conservation at the Russian Arctic National Park.

From April 30, 2016: Acting Director of Russian Arctic National Park.

2011-2016: Organized and headed four comprehensive field expeditions on the Novaya Zemlya and the Franz Josef Land archipelagos.

Appointed Director of Russian Arctic National Park by Order No. 501-LS dated July 21, 2017.