Владимир Станиславович Якушев

Vladimir Yakushev

Doctor of Science (Geology), Professor

Vladimir Yakushev was born in Moscow in 1962.

1984: Graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in engineering geology and hydrogeology.

1989: Completed a course of postgraduate studies.

2012-Present: Professor at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Department of Development and Utilization of Gas and Gas Condensate Deposits.

Candidate of Science dissertation: The Composition, Structure and Characteristics of Frozen Hydro Saturated Sediments, Moscow State University (1991);

Doctor of Science dissertation: The Formation of Natural Gas Accumulations and Gas Hydrates in the Permafrost Zone, Moscow, Gazprom VNNIIGAZ (2009).

2012-Present: Corresponding member, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

2014-Present: Member, the Gazprom Scientific and Technical Council.

Yakushev is the author of four monographs and a textbook, over 100 research papers published in scientific and technical oil and gas publications in Russia and abroad, presented at Russian and international conferences.

Yakushev lectures in the following subjects: The Fundamentals of the Oil and Gas Business; Development and Utilization of Gas and Gas Condensate Deposits; Development of Oil and Gas Deposits.

Awards: two Honorary Certificates from the International Gas Union.