Drifting station: more evidence of Arctic warming
© RIA Novosti. Valeriy Melnikov

Drifting station: More evidence of Arctic warming

Research conducted at the North Pole 2015 drifting station points to significant changes in the composition of ice near the North Pole, Polar Foundation Deputy Director for Science Yury Sychov told TASS.

"The Arctic is warming up and changing rapidly. This has to do with the quality and chemical composition of ice and the biota under the ice," he said.

Expedition members have corroborated the theories regarding the relatively rapid warming in the polar regions of the Arctic that were put forward during the International Polar Year (2007/2008).

"These observations are very important for the economy, as they enable it to prepare for the upcoming changes," Sychov said. As a result of global warming, the navigation period along the Northern Sea Route will be extended and new prospects will open up for the construction of a transportation fleet. Furthermore, the conditions for the operation of gas and oil pipelines in permafrost areas will also change.