Rosneft restores weather observation in the Arctic
© RIA Novosti. Sergey Krasnoukhov

Rosneft restores weather observation in the Arctic

The Rosneft oil company has installed an automatic weather station on Wrangel Island and thereby restored almost completely weather observation in the Russian Arctic, the company's website said.

The station was launched as part of a research and exploration expedition, Chukotka Summer-2015, organized by the Arctic Research Centre and the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.

Presently, Rosneft has seven modern weather stations working in the Arctic Ocean.

"Their operation will not only facilitate geological exploration and raise the efficiency of mining projects, but also kick-start a series of research programs in Arctic exploration," the company said, adding that the stations will also make weather forecasts more accurate.

Chukotka Summer 2015 was the tenth research and exploration expedition organized by Rosneft to study the climate and geotechnical conditions in the Russian Arctic. The expedition complied with all the strict requirements of environmental and industrial safety. Researchers collected important data on weather and ice conditions in summer in the Chukchi Sea basin to be able to assess the impact of environmental parameters on Rosneft's mining activity in licensed areas. The expedition also involved biological research, including monitoring of marine mammals and birds.