Civic Chamber to monitor emergency response in Norilsk
© RIA Novosti. Anton Denisov

Civic Chamber to monitor emergency response in Norilsk

The Civic Chamber of Russia has established an ad-hoc group to monitor the clean-up operation of the diesel oil spill. In Norilsk

"The Civic Chamber's relevant commission must use all the options existing under Russian Federation laws and available to the Civic Chamber and the public councils at the related agencies. I am referring to public monitoring and public expert evaluation. I think that we should establish an ad-hoc group to focus on the clean-up operations," Chairperson of the CC Commission on Ecology and Environmental Protection Yelena Sharoikina told the "Norilsk Disaster: Environmental Damage and Rehabilitation Programs" roundtable.

Russia must both eliminate the spill and publicly inform the world on how this will be done, she added.

"Russia is responsible to mankind as a whole for the safety of natural resources in its possession," Sharoikina said.