North environmental protection discussed in Murmansk 
© RIA Novosti. Pavel Lvov

North environmental protection discussed in Murmansk 

Reducing black carbon emissions and other waste in the Murmansk Region was discussed during a Russian-Finnish webinar.

Deputy Governor of the Murmansk Region Olga Kuznetsova noted that cleaning up the accumulated environmental damage from previous economic activities and protecting the Arctic environment were the priorities of the region.

“This year, thanks to the support of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and as part of the Environment national project, we have started reclaiming the Snezhnaya manure storehouse, and in 2021, we plan to eliminate the region’s largest landfill beyond the Arctic Circle in Drovyanoye. Removing sunken objects in Kola Bay of the Barents Sea is another key area for the Murmansk Region,” noted Olga Kuznetsova.

Murmansk Region Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Anna Bagrova talked about soot and dust pollution in the air as well as the expensive environmental measures carried out by the Port of Murmansk.

“The commercial port has installed a stationary fog cannon dust suppression system as well as dust and wind protection fencing, which has significantly reduced the dust from coal dumps. The screen is 20 meters tall and the mounted panels cover more than 27,000 square meters,” the regional press service reports.

During the meeting, Murmansk Region First Deputy Minister of Energy, Housing and Utilities Alyona Kuznetsova presented a report on the region’s renewable energy potential, the wind park under construction in the Kola district, and hydropower plants.