Russia’s northern deliveries law to take effect in 2024
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Russia’s northern deliveries law to take effect in 2024

A law on northern deliveries will come into effect in Russia on April 1, 2024. The document signed by the President will regulate the main aspects of delivering freight to the Russian Far North and equal-status territories.

Adopted by the State Duma on July 20 and approved by the Federation Council on July 28, the document was drafted at the President’s instruction and introduces the primary concept of northern deliveries and freight categories, and determines the responsibilities of governing bodies. The law frames state regulation of prices of certain types of goods, markups and service rates.

The law prescribes creating a federal coordinator and an integrated marine operator of northern deliveries, with their duties also described in the law. Budget expenses on maintaining a backbone network of transport and logistics infrastructure for northern deliveries, owned by federal or regional authorities or municipalities, are also regulated by the law.

Rosatom is building a federal system for monitoring and official statistics related to northern deliveries. The Government is currently working on respective bylaws.