The Polar Bear
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Universe of the Polar Bear media exposition opens in Anadyr

A media exposition Universe of the Polar Bear opened at the Museum Center Chukotka Heritage on June 17. This high-tech space has been created to tell visitors about the world of polar bear, the master of the Arctic.

The exposition comprises several interactive themed parts, including Ice Floe, Universe of the Polar Bear for Teenagers, and Movie House: Everything You Want to Know about the Polar Bear, Arctic-Info internet news agency said.

Ice Floe is an interactive podium with an in-build 70 inch floor screen that can hold up an adult. A 40 inch display terminal stationed above reacts to 32 simultaneous taps.

Visitors to the Universe of the Polar Bear for Teenagers section can take part in four interactive games.

"You can immerse yourself into the ice floe and talk with each of the bears on the exposition. Or you can lounge on a sofa and relax on comfortable felted cushions that look like stones. Or you can try to outdance a polar bear in the teenage zone," said Olga Rastorguyeva, Director of the Chukotka Heritage museum.

The media exposition also includes original toy bears, called Umka's Smile (Umka means "polar bear" in the Chukchi language).