Yakutia has until June 20 to remove unauthorized dumps
© RIA Novosti. Evgeniy Odinokov

Yakutia has until June 20 to remove unauthorized dumps

All the unauthorized dumps in Yakutia, which are marked on the interactive map of the General Cleanup project launched by the Russian Popular Front, are to be removed by June 20, the press service of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic reports, citing Mikhail Sleptsov, deputy chief of staff of the republic's head and government.

"All unauthorized dumps in uluses [districts], marked on the Russian Popular Front's interactive map, are to be removed by June 20," Mr Sleptsov said. He added that this deadline was set by Yegor Borisov, the head of the Sakha Republic after a meeting with the Front's activists.

So far, 28 dumps are shown on the map: eight in Yakutsk (one has already been removed), three in Mirny, two in the Vilyuysky District (ulus), three in the Ust-Aldansky District, one in Olyokminsky District, one in the village of Zhatay, four in the Khangalassky and Lensky District, and one in Amginsky District. The Front's activists are targeting dumps ranging from 5 to 50 cubic meters in size, located in common areas or forests.

The online map of dumps was created on President Vladimir Putin's instructions after one of the Front's conferences at which this problem was raised.