Sounds of Russian Arctic nature now available online
© RIA Novosti, Vera Kostamo

Sounds of Russian Arctic nature now available online

Everyone can now listen to relaxing audio with roaring polar bears, cracking ice and water splashing during a storm in the Barents Sea as well as sounds of whales. The total length of the recordings is over six and a half hours.

The recordings can be found on the special website of Gazprom’s White Noise of the Arctic project as well as on VKontakte and SoundCloud.

All the sounds are divided into several thematic categories, each containing facts about the Arctic. For example, the Seal Chill category contains the barking of seals, the noise of the Arctic breeze, the splash of salmon in the Pechora Sea and the cries of flying geese.

“We have collected the sounds of the Arctic to allow everyone to feel the atmosphere of this unique place,” the project’s website reads.

Gazprom notes that the ecosystem of the Far North is the most fragile on the planet and the company uses cutting-edge production technologies and closely monitors human impact on the environment.