Murmansk Region to get Teriberka Nature Park
© RIA Novosti. Anton Denisov

Murmansk Region to get Teriberka Nature Park

Governor Andrei Chibis has signed a resolution on establishing the new Teriberka nature park with a total area of about 2,500 ha.

The Governor made this statement at a meeting with his subordinates and thanked all his colleagues involved in the tourism industry and environmental protection.

“On the one hand, we need this to save the environment on a territory which is highly popular with Russia’s residents, people in the Murmansk Region and foreign tourists. On the other hand, this will allow us to very actively expand the local tourism infrastructure. We will act cautiously in the context of environmental safety and under clear regulations. The nature park will regulate the process of visiting this territory and preserving the nature system,” Chibis noted.

He added that officials from the Murmansk Region Government, the Region’s Committee on Tourism and Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Fisheries, the Kola Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Directorate of the Region’s Specially Protected Regional Nature Territories and the WWF had helped with the design of the park.