Chinese scientists complete research projects on Arctic Ocean expedition
© RIA Novosti. Valery Melnikov

Chinese scientists complete research projects on Arctic Ocean expedition

Chinese scientists completed hydrological, meteorological and physical experiments during the 13th Arctic Ocean expedition aboard the Chinese icebreaker Xuelong-2.

During their expedition, the Chinese scientists established a temporary research station at about 84 degrees northern latitude and conducted several experiments over a four-day period.

One experiment involved the use of synthetic-aperture radar for monitoring sea-ice formations. The device emits a microwave signal and records the reflected signal from the terrestrial surface, to generate images. Eventually, it will be possible to conduct such research using satellites, high-altitude airships, manned aircraft or autonomous aerial vehicles (drones). The device can record images at night, and in cloudy and rainy weather.

There are applications for this system in agriculture, forestry, for water management, and for geodetic and mapping purposes.

According to Zhu Yuntao, a member of China’s 13th scientific expedition to the Arctic Ocean, they used five different frequencies to create an integrated testing platform. They also observed ice formations using the microwave remote sensing method.

The team is set to return to Shanghai by late September.