Experts to study gene pool of Ob horse breed on Yamal Peninsula
© RIA Novosti. Il'ya Najmushin

Experts to study gene pool of Ob horse breed on Yamal Peninsula

Scientists from the non-profit partnership Russian Center for Arctic Development and the National Research and Development Institute of Horse-Breeding are studying the gene pool of the Ob horse breed and are attempting to record its population.

“The habitat of the Ob horse breed, one of the oldest northern horse breeds, includes areas above the Arctic Circle. Studying northern horse breeds, will allow researchers to understand the specific conditions and ways these horses have adapted to the harsh Arctic climate to survive and to expand their population,” the researchers said.

A main goal of the research projects is to describe the genomes of Yamal horses.

This past summer, scientists conducted a comprehensive study of the horse population and compared the results with earlier observations, which have been conducted since 1936, to confirm the horse breed based on appearance. They collected and analyzed biological materials from Ob horses, confirmed the authenticity of their origins and compiled an online database for registering the population.

The research team will launch its second expedition, to create a plan to preserve the Ob horse breed and to improve its distinctive features through targeted selection.