Over 1,000 people to visit The Arctic–Territory of Dialogue Forum
© RIA Novosti. Grigory Sisoev

Over 1,000 people to visit The Arctic–Territory of Dialogue Forum

Over a thousand people are expected to visit The Arctic-Territory of Dialogue International Forum, to be held in Arkhangelsk on March 29-30, 2017. This year's topic is Man in the Artic, Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alexander Tsybulsky said on January 16 during a roundtable discussion with journalists.

"This is a minimally politically-charged topic for discussion, so it will be a comfortable subject to discuss," Tsybuldky said. A plenary meeting will be held on the second day of the forum and is likely to be visited by Russian President Vladimir Putin.  

According to Tsybulsky, invitations have been sent to 1,200 people. The forum is expected to be attended by representatives of 14 countries, the business community, international organizations and public agencies.

"Non-Arctic states — Japan, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, India and China — are showing more interest in participating in the forum," Tsybulsky said. During the forum, 102 participants, 24 of which are foreigners, are expected to deliver speeches.

The forum consists of nine thematic sections relating to the Arctic: the history of culture and tourism in the region, the environment, modern power industry, transportation capabilities, investment, sustainable development and improving investment attractiveness, advanced technology, healthcare and professional development.

"We've tried to cover the widest possible range of issues, hold specific expert discussions and present proposals for further regulations in these panel sessions," the Deputy Minister said

Also, The Arctic-Made in Russia Youth Educational Forum in Malyye Korely, a meeting of the heads of regions of Artic states, an Arctic business forum and an exhibition will be held as part of the forum.