Khatanga Winter 2017 expedition launches Arctic field studies
© RIA Novosti. Valery Melnikov

Khatanga Winter 2017 expedition launches Arctic field studies

The Khatanga Winter 2017 ice exploration expedition, organized by Rosneft in association with the Arctic Research Center as part of a targeted innovation project, has now begun field studies in the Khatanga Bay and in the southern area of the Laptev Sea, RIA Novosti cites the company as saying in a press release.

"The Khatanga Winter 2017 expedition will last 60 days. Scientists will study the morphometric parameters of the ice cover as well as of the internal structure of ice hummocks and stamukhas (grounded ice hammocks); the ice dynamics (namely, flow velocity and orientation); physical and mechanical properties of the ice; and air and water properties," the press release reads. 

Rosneft specialists will also evaluate the spatial distribution of ice and provide a description of the ice surface. Research will be conducted year-round at the Rosneft scientific outpost, which is located on the coast of the Khara-Tumus Peninsula in the Khatanga Bay of the Laptev Sea. A Mi-8MTV helicopter will be used.

Khatanga Winter 2017 will be Rosneft's third expedition in the waters of the Ust-Olenyok and Ust-Lena license areas and the first expedition in the waters of the Khatanga license area. In all, Rosneft has organized 14 research expeditions to the Arctic.