Russia tests Arctic equipment containers
© RIA Novosti. Vladimir Astapkovich

Russia tests Arctic equipment containers

Field trials for "supercontainers" for electronic equipment used in the Arctic have begun in Russia, a spokesman for the Integrated Instrument Making Corporation (IIMC), which developed the containers, told Rossiya Segodnya.

"The IIMC has developed containers that ensure the operation of electronic equipment in Arctic conditions, and has started testing them," the spokesman said.

The new equipment can operate in temperatures from —50 Celsius to +50, withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake and even protect against biologically and chemically hazardous substances. The containers are equipped with fire suppression systems, generators, systems to monitor the internal and external environment, and are protected against shock and vibration. Data are transmitted via satellite.

"These containers are designed primarily for meteorological and navigation equipment that provide data and telecommunications support to federal and municipal administration agencies, and geological surveillance and the industrial development of difficult-to-access areas," the spokesman said.

The average service life of the equipment is 18 years; the guaranteed technical service life is 12 years; it will not require technical servicing more than twice a year.