Security chief urges better protection for Yamal LNG project
© RIA Novosti. Mikhail Voskresenskiy

Security chief urges better protection for Yamal LNG project

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev has called for tighter antiterrorist protection at the Yamal liquefied national (LNG) gas project, TASS reported.

"With regard to countering terrorist threats, there is a pressing need to reduce the vulnerability of the transport infrastructure and fuel and energy installations to acts of illegal interference or terrorism, as well as to ensure environmental safety and minimize the risks of man-made accidents," he said at a security conference in the Arctic settlement of Sabetta.

He also said that despite state support for the Yamal project, there are still question marks about the financial support for the project's implementation amid the sectoral sanctions limiting access to capital markets.

Patrushev stressed that the Yamal project plays an important role in developing Russia's export capability and ensuring wide-ranging operations along the Northern Sea Route.