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Patrushev: Arctic should be an area of dialogue, peace, and good neighborliness
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Patrushev: Arctic should be an area of dialogue, peace, and good neighborliness

Russia is interested in building a dialogue with other countries in the Arctic, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said speaking at the opening of the fifth international scientific conference on security and sustainable development in the Arctic.

"During our meetings, we are consistently expanding the platform of international dialogue and raising increasingly important and critical issues for the development of the Arctic, Mr. Patrushev said.

During the previous conferences, the participants discussed the various practical aspects of Arctic development projects, Mr. Patrushev noted.

"I have no doubt that such conferences have become an important part of the Arctic agenda and so are the traditions of good neighborliness and cooperation, whithout which life in the severe Arctic conditions would be impossible," the Security Council Secretary added.

According to him,  the conference participants will discuss "pressing issues related to the need to consolidate international efforts to preserve the unique Arctic ecosystem while pursuing global resource development projects and training professionals in the Arctic."

"I would like to emphasize that our work is implemented in full compliance with Russia's Arctic strategy, which is aimed at transforming the region into an area of dialogue, peace, and good neighborliness," Mr. Patrushev said.