Mishustin: Russia must increase its icebreaker fleet
© RIA Novosti. Ekaterina Shtukina

Mishustin: Russia must increase its icebreaker fleet

The development of the icebreaker fleet will provide new opportunities for the use of the Northern Sea Route, according to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

"We must continue to develop the fleet of powerful modern icebreakers. This work is important and necessary for Russia, and will help fulfill the transport potential of the Northern Sea Route, increase international business interests in the new transport corridor between Europe and Asia and, of course, secure Russia's leading position in the Arctic, a strategically important region," Mr Mishustin said at a briefing with his deputies.

He also reminded them about the implementation of the project to build five nuclear icebreakers to work along the Northern Sea Route.

"The task to increase freight traffic along this route was set by the president, and the development of this important transport artery is part of the comprehensive plan to upgrade and expand the main infrastructure," Mishustin added.

The prime minister also said that the laying of the Yakutia class nuclear icebreaker took place at the end of May, which is the fourth ship of the project.

"Each of them is truly unique; they have powerful engines and are universal: they can be used in the ice and in deep and shallow waters. No other country has anything like this," the minister noted.