Defense Ministry to create mobile filling stations fleet in Arctic

Defense Ministry to create "mobile filling stations" fleet in Arctic

The Russian Defense Ministry will establish a replenishment tanker fleet to fuel military vessels in the Arctic. The construction of six ships is scheduled for 2028.

The ships will serve the Arctic coastal infrastructure, spending up to two months at sea.

It is noted that each tanker can take on board up to 3,000 tons of fuel oil, 2,500 tons of diesel, 500 tons of aviation kerosene, 150 tons of lubricant oil, up to 1,000 tons of fresh water, and 100 tons of food and equipment.

Russia began increasing its military presence in the Arctic in the mid-2010s. In December 2014, the Northern Fleet Joint Strategic Command was established, with its headquarters in Severomorsk. It manages territories and military units that were withdrawn from the Western Military District.