Nevskoye Design Bureau to develop floating airfields
© RIA Novosti. Aleksandr Kryazhev

Nevskoye Design Bureau to develop floating airfields

Nevskoye Design Bureau is working on floating airfields for cargo, rescue and military aircraft in the Arctic.

“Nevskoye Design Bureau is engaged in the front-end engineering design of the architectural and structural forms for floating islands and airfields,” the bureau’s press service reports.

According to its experts, floating airfields will also be suitable for use at sites where new gas fields are being developed in the northern seas in order to ensure navigation safety along the Northern Sea Route and to perform certain functions for the Defense Ministry in the Arctic area. “[Such platforms] will be a kind of centers providing for the entire range of activities of Russia and its partner countries in the Arctic,” says the report.

The bureau underscored that floating airfields will enable all-weather use of takeoff and landing strips in Arctic conditions and suppress the rolling and pitching of the platform during takeoff and landing.