First commercial data processing center in the Arctic opens in Murmansk
© RIA Novosti. Aleksandr Kryazhev

First commercial data processing center in the Arctic opens in Murmansk

The first regional commercial data processing center (DPC) has been launched in the Russian Arctic, and it will be used to store data from surveillance cameras in the Murmansk Region.

"The first Arctic commercial data processing center was launched in the city of Murmansk, it is the northernmost commercial data center in our country. Already today, the entire video analytics system is stored here, and there is an opportunity to increase its capacity very quickly, by three or four times. After re-equipping other floors, this data center’s performance can be multiplied within a month," said Alexander Loginov, Director of macroregional North-West branch of Rostelecom Public Joint Stock Company at the opening ceremony.

He added that the center will store data from the Murmansk Region, and if necessary, its services may be offered to other northern regions of Russia, until they have similar facilities of their own.

According to the Murmansk Region’s Governor Andrei Chibis, the capacity of the new data processing center is already being used by the regional government.

"The first client is us, the government. Large video streaming; we are building a security system in Murmansk and our other cities. In the near future, the same system will include citywide cameras and the video security system will be completed," said the Governor. He added that the video surveillance system will help find criminals, prevent dangerous situations, and trace missing people.

Alexandra Nikipelova, Minister of the region’s digital development, added that the cameras, which provide the video that will be stored in the data center, are already installed in schools and on intercoms at the entrance doors of apartment blocks.

"They do facial analytics. All data is stored in the system and monitored by law enforcement. By the end of the year, this system will include about 4,000 monitoring devices," Nikipelova said.

Back in October 2021, the Murmansk Region Government and Rostelecom signed an agreement on setting up the first Arctic data processing center. The regional authorities were the client in the project. The data center's traffic transmission channels, with a capacity of 40 Gbps, are fully reserved with the possibility of further expansion without significant investment.