Murmansk Region residents get new payment cards

Starting October 17, 2022, Murmansk Region residents can receive new payment cards, part of the Mir payments system, from banks involved in the project. The cards are valid all over the region.

“It is easy to get these free cards. Apart from standard payment functions, they offer some socially significant non-financial services. For example, local residents can use them as fare passes on the Murmansk Region’s public transportation system. These cards are to replace all current free multi-fare passes,” the regional government’s press service said.

Local students will also use the cards as IDs, and there are plans to launch some other popular services.

“The Murmansk Region resident cards are a multi-functional product. We are launching the project’s experimental stage, and the new cards will act as banking cards and mobile transport apps. They will also offer discounts from project partners, and their users can receive social benefits and payments on them. The regional Ministry of Digital Development is moving to issue cards for volunteers and students. The functions of the region’s resident cards and their capabilities will continue to expand,” Deputy Regional Governor and Minister of Digital Development Alexandra Nikipelova noted.

Two major banks and dozens of regional enterprises have already joined the resident card project.

“The resident card’s loyalty program offers and those of the Mir system can be combined with the banks’ bonus programs. Cardholders are now eligible for numerous discounts and cashback from project partners,” said Vladimir Komlev, general director of the Mir payments system.

Go to the project’s website and find out how to order a Murmansk Region resident card and what documents are required.

The project was announced  in the Murmansk Region in April 2021. Since then, the region has been creating the required digital infrastructure for introducing non-financial services and selecting project partners. The latter provide special offers to users paying for goods and services with these cards. Local authorities and the Mir payments system have upgraded the system of non-cash fare passes in the Murmansk Region and have connected it with a transportation processing platform.