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Putin: Balancing Arctic development and nature conservation is a priority for Russia
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Putin: Balancing Arctic development and nature conservation is a priority for Russia

President Vladimir Putin has pointed to Russia's special responsibility for the Arctic and the need to balance Arctic development and environmental protection.

"Russia, nearly a third of which is located in the Extreme North, has a special responsibility for the Arctic. Therefore, our priorities in the Arctic include a balance between economic development and the preservation of the unique Arctic environment and a careful attitude toward the culture and traditions of the indigenous people in the region. Moreover, we have always advocated closer cooperation with the Arctic Council members in all spheres," President Putin said in his message of greetings to the International Conference on Security in the Arctic, which is underway in Arkhangelsk.

The Russian president said the conference participants are expected to coordinate practical recommendations for a more effective achievement of the international community's objectives in the Arctic.

"The Arctic has considerable natural and energy resources and includes the Northern Sea Route, the shortest shipping route between Europe and the Far East and Asia Pacific, and the natural processes that are underway there directly influence the planet's climate and environment," the message reads.

The conference titled Towards Security and Sustainable Development of the Arctic and the Preservation of Arctic Ecosystems and the Traditional Ways of Life of the Indigenous Arctic People was organized by the Russian Security Council as part of the annual international meeting of the Arctic Council members and observer countries and the research community.